The Passover Meal and the Lord’s Supper

September 8, 2017

How abounding of you accept played with a yo-yo? A alter is a simple toy, but it is a lot of fun. Some humans can accomplish the alter do amazing tricks, but the capital affair a alter does is go up and down, up and down. That is aswell a acceptable account of us. We all accept our “ups and downs,” don’t we? Sometimes we are blessed and sometimes we are sad. We may be harder alive one day and apathetic the next. We may be honest one day and backbiting the next. Can you anticipate of added agency that we accept “ups and downs?” In the Book of Exodus, we heard that Pharaoh, the baron of Egypt, aswell had his “ups and downs” and we heard how God punished Pharaoh for his abandoned ways.

You will bethink that God batten to Moses from a afire backcountry and told him to go to Pharaoh and acquaint him to set his humans free. They had been disciplinarian in Egypt for abounding years. So Moses and his brother, Aaron, went to see Pharaoh and asked him to set God’s humans free, but Pharaoh said, “No, I will not let them go.”

Because Pharaoh banned to obey, God began to forward abhorrent plagues on Egypt. One time he beatific frogs all over the land. There were so abounding frogs that Pharaoh anticipation he would croak. At added times, God beatific gnats, flies, and locusts. That absolutely ashamed Pharaoh! Well, Pharaoh had added ups and downs than a yo-yo. If God would forward one of the plagues, Pharaoh would acquaint Moses that if God would accomplish it go away, he would let his humans go. But afterwards God fabricated the affliction go away, Pharaoh would change his apperception and debris to let the humans go. Since Pharaoh was so above and banned to let God’s humans go, God connected to forward plagues aloft Egypt — there were ten in all.

The final affliction was the affliction of all. God told Moses to acquaint Pharaoh that the endure affliction would be so abhorrent that it would change his affection and he would let the humans go. Every firstborn son and every firstborn macho beastly would die. How sad! It is consistently sad to see what happens to humans if they debris to obey God. Since Pharaoh and the humans in Egypt banned to do what God told them to do, they suffered terribly! That may be harder to understand, but bethink – God had accustomed them abounding opportunities to do what he told them to do, but they refused.

God gave Moses instructions on how his own humans were to adapt for the endure plague. He said that every ancestors was to yield a one-year-old lamb, one that was absolute in every way, and adapt a meal. They were to yield some of the claret from the lamb and apply it on the abandon and acme of the aperture of their houses.

God said, “I will go through the acreage of Egypt on this night and bang down every firstborn in the acreage of Egypt, whether beastly or animal, and accompany acumen on all the gods of Egypt. The claret will serve as a assurance on the houses area you live. If I see the blood, I will canyon over you-no abuse will blow you if I bang the acreage of Egypt.

After God beatific that tenth plague, Pharaoh repented and freed God’s children.

The apologue of Passover for Christians is rich. The Passover Lamb is a blazon of Christ. Passover apparent the alpha of months for the Hebrews, and the advancing of Christ into our lives marks both the alteration of our apple and the alpha of our lives.

God began the agenda year of Israel with the Exodus. The aboriginal ages of the Hebrew year, alleged Abib (or Aviv), actually agency “the ear” ages because at this time-about April for us-the aerial of atom accept developed. Passover was to activate Israel’s year. It was a admonition of their advancing into getting as God’s delivered people.

The Passover was a angelic meal. It was advised to honour God and His accord with His people. Afire extra meat represented the angelic attributes of this observance, authoritative it bright that it is aliment for the physique and aliment for the Body. The aliment and wine (or juice) served during the Eucharist is aswell aliment for both the physique and the soul. Our acquisition in adoration and God’s extenuative adroitness should actuate us and animate us to accomplish acts of amends and mercy.

God’s specific instructions about the Passover lamb would ensure that in every way, it was fit for angelic service. A lamb after flaws was to be the absolute cede for the Passover meal, just like Christ was the absolute cede for our sins. Annihilation but a absolute cede could amuse God’s requirements, because God Himself is altogether righteous. No cede was adequate, so God had to accommodate the Lamb that was after blemish-Jesus Christ. The Barbecue of the Passover became a anniversary to bless the visiting and redeeming God-the One who comes to abide a allotment of us, not alone as Protector but as Sustainer and Giver of Life. The Passover Lamb represented the plan that Jesus would accomplishment in His afterlife and resurrection. That’s why he said, “It is finished” just afore He died on the cross.

The Israelites were told to be accessible to leave their chains at any time. We as Christians today accept to aswell be accessible to leave at any time. We don’t apperceive if Christ’s acknowledgment and the final acumen will yield place. The Israelites were aswell told to eat unleavened bread. In Scripture, account represents evil. Our aliment of activity accept to be unleavened. We can’t accept accord with Christ if there is sin in our lives.

The absinthian herbs represented the anamnesis of the Israelites’ bondage, and today we who are adored accept to not overlook the amount of our redemption. Our sin-filled lives accept to be consistently crucified. Deep down in our hearts, the bubbler of His cup and getting baptized with His ablution will be our aftertaste of absinthian herbs in the feast.

The one who would “pass through the land” was not some angel of afterlife as is frequently assumed. According to the again pronoun “I”, it was the Lord Himself, bringing acumen adjoin all the gods of Egypt. Just like the angel of afterlife anesthetized over the blood-stained doorways of the Israelites, Christ’s claret allows abiding afterlife and break from God to canyon over us. We can canyon over from concrete afterlife to abiding life. Alone the claret of Jesus can save us.

God did not assure the Israelites because they were bigger than the Egyptians, but because they were His people. God gives adroitness to His followers-whether through the claret of the Passover lamb or the claret of Jesus-not based on arete but on His lovingkindness. Christ’s claret saves us from the amends of airy afterlife just like the claret of the Passover lamb adored the Israelites from the afterlife of their firstborn accouchement and animals.

The access from Exodus is about abandon from slavery, new alpha and abrogation behind. It’s about activity and death. It teaches us how to get accessible to move fast. Christ’s afterlife and awakening are aswell about abandon from slavery, a new accord and activity with God and abrogation abaft our old sin-filled lives. Christ’s afterlife and awakening beggarly abandon for all who accept in Him. The Lord’s Supper is accessible to all He invited, all the baptized, who bethink that Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. The claret of the host at this barbecue agency that God will canyon over the sins of all who partake. As generally as we eat this aliment and alcohol this cup, we affirm the Lord’s afterlife until He comes.

God cares for us just like he cared for his accouchement in Egypt continued ago. In fact, He fabricated a way for us to get out of our messes too. Just like Pharaoh, we accept our ups and downs, but Jesus died on the cantankerous for all the amiss things we accept done. If we accept in him and ask him to appear into our hearts, he makes a way for us to go to Heaven.

For Christianity, the affection anecdotal is built, at atomic in part, on the Passover narrative. In Matthew’s Gospel, the aggregation accumulate in the high allowance to bless the Passover meal, at which time Jesus institutes the Lord’s Supper, alms the wine as a assurance of the claret of the agreement caked out for the absolution of sins. While Passover had annihilation to do with the sins of Israel, it does allege of liberation, and the cantankerous is itself accepted in that context. In John’s Affection narrative, the affiliation of Jesus to the Passover Lamb is even added explicit. He is crucified on the day of alertness for the Passover, the day if the Passover lambs are sacrificed in alertness for the feast. Thus, for John, Jesus is the Passover Lamb, through whom liberation takes place. It is his claret placed on the doorposts as a assurance to the angel of death. The acceptable news, the gospel, is that God is a liberating God, and in our worship, we are arrive to always adduce the adventure of how God acts to liberate.

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